“The Company with Two Brains”

by Tim McGuiness

Have you ever heard of right brain / left brain theory?

If you can imagine, people use one side of their brain more than the other. Right brain people are more intuitive, holistic & big picture focused while left brain people are more logical, analytical and detail-orientated.

So what does this have to do with internet?

Well, the reason there are so many bad, ineffectual websites online today is that building a great site takes skills from both sides of the brain.

What is the challenge?

Assemble a site that is technically sound, solid and logical…..but also branded to evoke a precise emotional response.

Create a new & visually engaging experience…..but also, be brain-dead simple to use by knowing exactly how people use the web.

Craft a persuasive and effective message…..but also, be able to coldly analyze the tracking numbers and make adjustments.

Achieve a big-picture objective….but also, have all the little technical details covered (even if most folks aren’t don’t even know what they are).

What’s the best way to merge these skills into a unified whole?

At end2end integration, we obsess over this question endlessly. We work at it all day and talk about it at lunch. We think about it at odd hours of the day and night.  We refine and refine our processes. We bring right brained and left brained people together in a very specific way.  After living web development for years, we know why so many web sites are terrible and how to build great ones.

Just ask us, we are happy to show you how.