beverage factory title is the largest online retailer of beverage related equipment. offers nearly 3,500 unique products to make, store and dispense beverages. The brings over a decade of experience and knowledge from the brewing and beverage industry online to its customers.


The suffered from an outdated and cumbersome e-commerce environment, complements of a legacy system incapable of handling the company's rapid growth and innovation in the online arena. Their online technology was separated from their backend accounting, customer service technologies and databases, requiring resource-intensive re-entry of data. Adding to the need for action was the emergence of several direct online competitors, armed with state-of-the-art content management and e-commerce tools. In a business where being first-to-market with new product is crucial, the need to create a robust content delivery system, integrated seamlessly with legacy accounting and customer service technologies, was critical.

content management system

The engaged End2End Integration to strategize and implement a robust, reliable, database driven dynamic e-commerce and content management system. The solution developed by End2End makes it simple and fast to add content to the web site, and tightly integrates e-commerce transactions with their backend systems. Products can be presented in multiple ways giving the flexibility to leverage their years of ecommerce know how. Sophisticated shipping methods allow to efficiently meet their customer's requirements without incurring additional costs. Shopping sites like Froogle, and BizRate are automatically updated, entirely eliminating the need for manual intervention for product and pricing updates. New search capabilities make it easier for customers to find the perfect product, and further increase the likelihood of a subsequent visit, search and purchase.

case study beverage factory

The bottom line results for have been outstanding.

  1. Increased sales and conversions
    Customized landing pages and improved usability provides visitors with a targeted and easy to use experience, resulting in increased visitor regency and increased conversion rates.
  2. Increased market reach
    Retention and enhancement of search engine placement as well as introduction of automated data feeds dramatically expanded the market reach and visibility of products.
  3. Reduced administrative overhead
    Automation and integration with legacy backend accounting, customer service technologies and databases reduced administrative resource consumption. Automated product and pricing updates over data feeds to shopping sites eliminated the need for manual intervention, while at the same time allowed them to expand their datafeed product listings from hundreds to thousands of products.
  4. Better customer service
    The introduction of order tracking and customer service ticketing systems improved response time and quality of service.
features benefits
  • Tight integration with legacy backend accounting and customer service applications extends ROI of original technologies and eliminates costly time, training, re-staffing and administration a complete re-tooling would require.
  • Dynamic page content retains search engine ranking of static page predecessors.
  • Automated integration with online shopping sites like Froogle & increases market reach while reducing costs.
  • Unique, complex shipping options provide an advantage against competitors.
  • Entirely configurable, multiple presentation templates maintain brand identity while permitting a dynamic content customer experience