Genesis HealthCare

Genesis HealthCare is one of the nation's largest long-term care and rehabilitation therapy providers. They employ over 34,000 people, each one dedicated to the delivery of quality health care to the residents and patients in their Centers.

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Due to their rapid growth and expansive operations, the Genesis HealthCare brand lacked unification. In order to accurately portray their identity, service offerings, and high quality of care, Genesis HealthCare realized that they needed to re-envision their identity and re-brand their company. A critical piece of this effort was to extend their new corporate brand online.

Their web site suffered from the artifacts of rapid growth and burdensome IT requirements. When originally conceived, Genesis focused their messaging towards a market of corporate investors. As the company grew and expanded nation-wide, Genesis shifted their focus to communicating with the public and their market segment. Their web site became a mismatched conglomeration of past and present initiatives, failing to communicate with either group effectively.

Updating the Genesis web site was a cumbersome, difficult, and time intensive process. Even simple modifications required the dissemination of information through various department contacts before finally being handed off to their IT department to be implemented. Changes would involve a minimum of 6 different people and take an average of 3 weeks to be implemented. Efforts to provide detailed information about their more than 200 facilities to visitors and prospective customers fell short, resulting in outdated pictures and inaccurate information. Site visitors and prospective clients were often unable to find critical information, causing them to question the health care provider's capabilities.

Genesis HealthCare engaged End2End to help them solve their online challenges. End2End worked closely with Genesis HealthCare to re-envision their corporate branding and develop an online presence inline with their corporate initiatives. The solution designed, developed, and implemented by End2End was based around 2 objectives: to re-brand their online identity, and to ease the burdens of keeping the site current.

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After analyzing their shift in market communications, End2End created a strategic branding initiative to effectively communicate their services online. In addition to a new online identity, End2End designed and developed an Enterprise Content Management System that streamlined and automated updates to the web site. A user-based infrastructure was developed, allowing site administration to be decentralized across the organization. With the new system in place, changes can be implemented by anyone within the organization and are pushed to the live web site in a matter of minutes rather than weeks. Further, changes no longer require programming knowledge or proprietary desktop applications. Modifications and additions are now handled independently through the corporate departments and do not require the assistance of the IT department.

The new site includes vast, easily searchable, information and dedicated micro-sites for each of their 200+ facilities. Each micro-site provides beautiful photo galleries and panoramic movies, allowing prospective clients view the facilities as if they were there. Patients and their family members can now use and trust the web site to help them find the perfect Genesis facility for them.

  • Consistent branding across the entire site
  • Customized Content Management System that allows for simple, friendly, and safe updating of the entire web site including navigation.
  • Career Center with an Open Position search that integrates with internal Genesis systems
  • Up to date Investor Relations information
  • Interactive Facility finder with maps and driving directions
  • Updated look and feel