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Sabio Digital and Intel provide businesses with world class products from the world's leading manufacturer of whitebook computers. Coupled with their expertise and experience in mobile computing, Sabio Digital and Intel provide a model for those who recognize whitebook sales are the key to future success.


The competitive landscape for whitebooks is fierce, and so is the marketing. Sabio Digital and Intel knew they had a winning product – all that was needed was an innovative way to demonstrate their powerful offering to whitebook re-sellers, channel partners and system integrators. Short term, Sabio Digital and Intel required the marketing tool for a major vendor. Long term, Sabio Digital and Intel had a vision of offering the marketing tool to potentially hundreds of channel partners, without the need to re-invent the proverbial wheel.

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Sabio Digital and Intel partnered with End2End to realize an innovative, feature-rich, interactive, and effective solution for marketing the whitebooks.

End2End architected an innovative solution which not only met and exceeded Sabio Digital and Intel’s short term needs, but fulfilled their long-term vision as well.

The solution consists of a fully configurable, template-based Flash application which allows the downstream vendors to easily brand the presentation.

End2End’s in-house production studio created three dimensional (3D) model templates that can be easily configured to hold each downstream vendor’s specifically branded product offering.

With no technical experience needed, the vendor is able to create a customized experience, uniquely tailored to their specific clientele. The modular nature of the application permits it to be deployed in a variety of important marketing settings, such as CD-ROMs, retail kiosks and the web.

  • End-user configurable product information
  • Skinnable interface allows flexible branding
  • Richly interactive flash product demonstration (rotate, pan, zoom)
  • User configurable "hot points" spotlight unique product features
  • Product tour gives user a quick, animated overview of all product features
  • Application can be used in multiple environments (website, interactive kiosk, promotional CD-Rom)

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