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Irdeto is a world leader in content security, and provides comprehensive solutions for digital content protection in Digital TV, IPTV and Mobile environments. The company’s support, sales, and R&D offices are located worldwide with corporate headquarters near Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


In 2005, Irdeto undertook a corporate initiative to re-brand their identity world wide. Their company name was shortened from “Irdeto Access” to “Irdeto” and a new logo was designed to spur on their initiative. As an international enterprise, with clients spanning the globe, it was vital for Irdeto to effectively maintain brand standards and communications in their re-branding efforts.

As the company grew and expanded into international markets, their online presence became disorganized, cumbersome, and problematic. Multiple micro-sites were created over time that targeted different markets and different languages. Irdeto’s online messaging and global identity quickly became problematic, failing to present a unified image and failing to offer resources to their growing international client base.

Regional managers attempted to maintain separate sites with varying degrees of success. Substantial time and multiplication of effort was required to effectively communicate corporate offerings.

With their re-branding efforts under way, Irdeto realized their vital need to centralize and redevelop their disparate online efforts.

The solution designed, developed, and implemented by End2End was based around 4 objectives:

  1. Consolidate their sites into a single site, effectively representing the new brand identity
  2. Simplify site management through a role based content management system
  3. Automate the publishing of site content
  4. Expand international market through multilingual access

A new design was created to accurately reflect the new brand identity and maintain design standards. Behind the scenes, a custom Content Management System was developed to allow decentralized administration of the site's content through a web based application. Tiered access allows Irdeto to easily distribute site management throughout their global organizational structure, vastly reducing the time required for updates. Users can now login to a web based portal and easily make changes to the web site, without the need for programming knowledge.

content management

The custom developed Content Management System allows Irdeto to maintain and expand their international market through language specific site management. The site structure and content dynamically changes to meet the specific requirements of the visitor's language preference. Irdeto can now provide targeted information to different international market segments, leveraging their international presence while unifying their online identity. them.

  • Multi-lingual site access
  • New design with consistent branding across the entire site
  • Marketing management system
  • Customized Content Management System that allows for simple, friendly, and safe updating of the entire web site
  • Advanced metrics and tracking systems to maximize marketing campaigns