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R.A. Snyder is one of Southern California’s largest property management companies, with a portfolio of more than 7,500 residential units and more than 500,000 square feet of commercial and office space.


R.A. Snyder’s online presence had not kept pace with the company’s aggressive growth and evolving vision. The prior online branding was misaligned with the company’s vision: the site was dated, the online visitor’s experience static, and the site sparsely informative – not only for potential clients, but increasingly for internal staff. Further, the company’s extensive property management information infrastructure had yet to realize its full potential, locked securely, yet ineffectively, behind the corporate firewall. For a company with as many satellite offices as its geographically diverse properties (numbering in the 100’s), providing for centralized property management remotely wasn’t simply a technological luxury but a bottom-line necessity.


End2End Integration partnered with R.A. Snyder to remodel and re-build the growing company’s online “real estate” from the ground up. Project segments included:

  1. A new visual identity
  2. A corporate extranet
  3. An online document management portal
  4. An extension of their internal property management software to provide property details and availability to prospective

Before the new system, searching for a new rental apartment was a time consuming and arduous process. Prospective residents needed to visit each property and fill out paper rental applications. Next, property managers would manually review the applications and submit credit checks. A day or two later, the prospective tenant would be informed of their acceptance. With the new system in place, prospective residents can view available rentals and submit applications online, and receive acceptance within 10 minutes!

A secure corporate XML-based extranet was created and implemented to fully integrate and leverage the company’s powerful property management infrastructure. The secure extranet permits access to essential documents, forms, and information, allowing R.A. Snyder to simply and easily publish, maintain, and update sensitive, critical documents company-wide.

  • Increased online client conversion and satisfaction
    The new web site allows potential tenants to easily search R.A. Snyder’s available properties, quickly locating properties that meet their specific needs. Each property features expansive photo galleries, property features, location maps, and access to an online application. Personalization features allow prospective clients to track properties of interest, compare the properties, and email property information to themselves or other parties.
  • Fully leveraged property management infrastructure
    The solution integrates seamlessly with R.A. Snyder’s existing technical infrastructure, leveraging their vast internal databases and proprietary property management application onto the web.
  • Centralized Document Management
    The corporate extranet unifies publishing of company files, allowing Property Managers to easily access forms and resources at any time and from any location. Property Managers always have the most current forms, a centralized data repository and robust document management, removing the time and costs associated with conventional paper document processing.
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