“End2End Integration announces the launch of Genesis Healthcare's redesigned and restructured web site”

October 1, 2005

San Diego, Calif., Oct 2005 — Genesis Healthcare recently launched its redesigned and restructured corporate public website (http://www.genesishcc.com) built by end2end integration.

Genesis Healthcare, a $1.5 Billion company headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, wanted to strengthen their new brand via the web as well as have an easier way to provide more accurate and timely information to web visitors.

The new site consistently applies the new look of Genesis Healthcare. For example, multiple versions of the “apple of health” which symbolizes Genesis’s commitment to improving the lives they touch are placed within the web site to strengthen the consistency and power of the branding message.

The new site also has complete, searchable information and dedicated mini-sites for all 170+ facilities including beautiful pictures of each – with panoramic views. Patients and their family members can use and trust the web site to help them find the perfect Genesis facility for them.

End2End also built a custom Content Management System that makes it easy for Genesis Healthcare keep the web site fresh. A web programmer is no longer needed for every little change. A tiered approval process allows decentralized users to update content on their portion of the site quickly and safely. Visitors to the new site have confidence that they are reading accurate and timely information.

About Genesis Healthcare
Genesis Healthcare is one of the nation’s largest long-term care and rehabilitation therapy providers. They employ over 34,000 people, each one dedicated to the delivery of quality health care to the residents and patients in their Centers.

About End2End Integration
End2End Integration combines industry-leading understanding of user behavior with a commitment to meeting the business goals of our clients. Instead of selling one-size-fits-all solutions, we tailor all our services to the specific needs of each client.  We believe in applying user-centered design methods to deliver measurable value to business. end2end integration has worked with companies in a wide range of industries - Healthcare, Biotech, Technology, Ecommerce, Consumer and others. Visit www.e2ei.com  for more information.